The stress of moving comes with a lot of challenges, but also comes with a lot of opportunities. Having a garage sale is an awesome way to declutter and go through all of that stuff taking up space in your basement.

  1. Ask yourself “What is my goal from this garage sale?”

There are a lot of different possible goals from a garage sale. Whether your target is to get rid of everything, or if it is to make money, you need to consider this beforehand so you can prepare.

  1. Spread the word

Getting the word out about your garage sale is the first step to making it a success. If nobody knows about it, nobody will show up. Flyers are an effective way to spread the word throughout your community. Social media is another tool you can utilize to spread the word. If you are planning on getting rid of a lot of items, you can even create a facebook event and invite your family and friends. If you have any unique items that you are trying to sell, you should consider advertising in a local paper.  

Keep in mind that the longer you run the garage sale the more likely it will be successful. It’s not uncommon to run a garage sale for both Saturday and Sunday, also if you start early in the day and run into the afternoon you are making it accessible for early birds as well as the afternoon crowd to stop in on their way home from work.

  1. Sell the goods

One of the biggest mistakes you can make while hosting a garage sale is making it hard for shoppers to understand the prices. You don’t need to individually tag everything, but it would be a simple trick to have designated tables at different prices. For example, label a rack as a “$5” rack. A lot of potential customers don’t want to ask you the price of every item they are interested in and could be turned away if it seems too confusing. Set realistic expectations. If your goal is to make some money, don’t lowball on all of the prices, but know that most shoppers are looking for a deal.

  1. Be Safe

It’s a good idea to invite a few friends or family members to help you out on the day of the sale. Even just for something as simple as keeping an eye on the items while you’re talking to a visitor. If you’re selling a lot of items, take a few breaks to bring the cash into your home into a safe place to avoid any possibility of it getting stolen.