When you’re moving, you can be sure that the days leading up to the big day will be chaotic. You’ll be busy juggling your life with packing, which can be especially difficult if you have a full time job and a family to take care of. In this case, the best choice is to hire a professional moving company to help lift the load from your shoulders. But for some things, doing some prep work before you move can save you huge headaches on the day of moving.

To help you with organizing your things, we’ve put together a small list of packing tips to smooth your journey.

Start packing ahead of time

Packing little by little is a lot less stressful than trying to pack everything a few days before moving day. Over the years, you’ve likely gathered a lot of stuff that you don’t use everyday. These are the things that you should start packing first – off-season clothes, old books, mementos are some examples of these things.

Find the original boxes that your electronics came in

It can be difficult to properly pack a large flat screen TV, but if you’ve kept the original boxes that these electronics came in, you have a perfectly sized box complete with a set of styrofoam for cushioning, making packing these things far easier.

Change your address a week before moving

You’ll need to do this eventually, but during the moving days and settling in afterwards, it can be easy to forget. Changing this early will ensure that you get the important mail and shipments that you need on time and save you a lot of hassle later.

Pack an overnight bag

When you move into your new home, all your stuff will be packed away in boxes, and finding the things you need just to have a relaxing shower can be difficult. Packing an overnight bag will allow you a few days of relaxation so that you don’t need to immediately unpack your entire life.

Order dinner out

After moving in, you’ll be very tired, so don’t push yourself to do anything further, order in take-out for you and your family and relax for the night.