1.  Make Lists

Make a detailed checklist with everything that needs to be done on moving day. Start writing this a few weeks before the move and add even the simplest and smallest of tasks. Once this list is made it’s easy to delegate tasks to relatives or friends to help get the work done quickly without the panic of wondering if you forget anything.

  1. Coordinate with your utility company

The sooner these accounts are settled, the sooner you can focus on one of the other hundred things that you have to do before a move. Plan ahead and get set up/installation dates organized so even while you’re unpacking, you can still use your wifi.

  1. Schedule the move

If moving in and out of an apartment building, make sure to plan ahead and let your landlords at both buildings know what date you are moving. This way you can ensure that you have an elevator booked to save you time. Also, take into consideration the time of day you’re moving, do your future neighbors a favor and avoid peak elevator times so that you can use an elevator without inconveniencing others.

  1. Get Your Address Changed

New home, new address. Make sure to have given your old landlord an updated forwarding address in case any packages continue to come to your old address. Take some time to make up a list of the places that you need to update your address, it might seem like a daunting task but at the end of the day, you can be at ease knowing you won’t miss any important documents or news. These may include banks, schools, medical providers, uber, etc.

  1. Pack a bag for your first day

Moving is a lot of work. You most likely won’t know where all of your items are stored, or have the time to dig for things you might want. Plan a specific box or suitcase with all of the things you don’t want hidden away in boxes. This can include your phone charger, pillows, toilet paper, a change of clothes, pajamas, and anything else that you use every day.

  1. Clean up

The easiest time to do a full clean up of your home is while its empty. Give everything a wipe down or a scrub before you move in. You may have to do another clean once the movers are gone, but the job will be much easier